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Who else was touched by 👁👄👁’s stand for the black and black trans community? As a society, it’s important that we be inclusive and equitable to our LGBTQ population, so it’s nice to see the community doing what it can! It’s a reminder that many of us want to see everyone accepted and loved. After all, we’re all humans and the same on the inside.

Speaking of being human: COVID cases are rising so please keep wearing your masks. Perhaps we can get our exercise and stay COVID-free by playing bubble soccer or doing Chloe Ting’s ab shredder workout. And while we’re trying new things, how about eating meatless sandwiches, trying drive-in concerts and buying pet rocks?

I’m sticking to rock painting, though. Separately, remember how I shared a few weeks back that Josh and I were working on a Startup-Investor Matching Tool to support underestimated founders and enable access to investors and capital? Well, it’s blown up: we’re at 100 investors (with a growing wait-list), over 400 startups, and 6 investments have already been made! Also, Protocol featured me (along with Reid Hoffman, Ann Miura-Ko, and Kirsten Green!) and I’m launching something exciting below (freebies)!

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Densil Porteous for launching Loud Capital, a $10M LGBTQ fund. Ruben Harris for hitting 100K users on Career Karma. Patricia Mou for launching Newsletter Stack (thanks for the feature!). Kate Brodock and Allyson Kapin for launching W Fund. Shruti Gandhi for allocating $1M to investing in underestimated founders. Alex Iskold for raising $1M for 1kproject to support families impacted by the pandemic. Brittany Davis for becoming a GP at Backstage Capital. Julia Niiro for expanding MilkRun (port co) to Portland. Candice and Brian Brackeen for launching Lightship Capital. Lo Toney for getting a piece of Google’s $100M to invest in more black founders. Melanie Perkins and the Canva team for hitting $6 billion in valuation. Adeyemi Ajao and TJ Nahigian for raising $250 for Base10’s second fund.


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Vinetta Project | $20K pitch competition for DC female founders

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