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As states are starting to reopen, consider that we’ve had 1.3 million COVID cases and that countries that opened up again are seeing resurges of COVID. So, maybe to be safe, stay in and make yourself a bowl of baby pancake cereal. After that, you can do a DIY haircut ( 🔼 +750%), attend a virtual wedding, take food production into your own hands and set up your very own chicken coup ( 🔼 +250%), and relax to Yo-Yo Ma’s cello (or join a distance disco). If you do go out, please keep 6-feet of physical distance from others, wear a mask, use hand-sanitizer, and wipe things down with disinfecting wipes. Josh and I will be doing all those things on our flight back to San Diego today!

I’ll share notes on our coast-to-coast flight experience on Twitter. To distract ourselves from the stress of travel, we’ll listen to this stress relief playlist and discuss startup-fund matching tool improvements (we’ve had +120 submissions from underestimated founders and 1 founder has already gotten an investment offer! 🎉). And I’ll also reflect on two questions. How can my sales team more efficiently sell on-demand software-developers (day-job-joy)? Should I launch a Patreon page to support founders (weekend-pondering)?

P.S. Twitter may have just made WFH a forever thing. Yes, please.

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Congrats! Arlan Hamilton for launching her book: It’s About Damn Time. Brett Gibson, Dan Mindus, and Lisa Cuesta for raising a $52M fund at NextGen Venture Partners. Sahil Lavingia on growing revenue 118% YOY and giving creators an opportunity to make money. Julia Niiro, Morgan Spenla, Logan Burchett, Steven Plappert and the rest of the Techstars Anywhere founders for kicking butt at demo day. Sevitri Wilson for raising $8M for ResiliaCo’s Series A. Kim Pham for launching Omsom. The underestimated founders who joined the Goldman Sachs and WeWork x SoftBank accelerator programs.




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