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We have some good news: US Medicare will now cover telemedicine; doctors can now treat patients across state lines, and Nurx and Everly Well launched COVID-19 home testing kits. Also, we’ve grown our community by 33.9%! We’re at 1,443 subscribers (up from 1,077 2-weeks ago)! Oh, and bidets or this toilet paper co can take care of your TP needs.

I also have something personal to celebrate. I’m now interim sales exec for Catalyte’s remote senior tech talent brand, Surge, and will be heads down working with my awesome team of 8 (on Zoom)! This means we’ll be pausing work on the First-Time Founders School, for now, but continuing to review companies for investment on Saturdays.

Sending you an air hug and hoping you and your family are staying safe, practicing social distancing, and washing your hands.

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Congrats! Kristen for raising a $16M Series A round for B.well (portfolio company). Julia for raising $2.7M Seed round for Planet Fwd. Ryan for Techstars Anywhere’s new look. Roshawna for making TAG’s top 10 fintech companies list. Trish for Portfolia’s feature on FastCompany’s 10 Most Innovative Companies list. Congrats to Sam and Jasmine for winning SoGal Global Pitch Competition! Amy, Molly, Anne, and Ankiti for being recognized as trailblazers by Fortune.



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