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US taxes are due May 17th. And our (Josh included) accountant just asked that we ask for a tax return extension. Not cool, the IRS is already backed up on tax submissions and returns in the 29 million range! Uggh. On other money topics, Kirsten Green shared interesting market insights (we’re all becoming creators), Lenny Rachitsky tweeted 8 ways to make money, and Matt Zuvella listed the percentage platforms we’ll use to sell (like Substack ) will take from us. Twitter Tip Jar takes $0, though. Moving on, diets are trending. Why? My guess: we want to look good for our upcoming IRL events now that we don’t have to wear masks (if we’re vaccinated)! For now, I’ll stick to wearing my mask, catching up on the crypto-environmental drama (thanks Elon Musk for the entertainment), and tell you that I launched a Pallet job board to help underestimated-led companies find the talent they need! If you’re as excited as I am about it, read the deets on the job board here.

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ICYMI: I'm speaking at The Bridge Conference on 5/20 and doing an Elpha AMA on 5/28. Lightspeed did a featured on me. The Startup-Investor Matching Tool's intros have led to 25 checks ($3.9M!).


Marco Gonzalez raised $50M for Vamos Ventures. Mike Asem raised $31.8M for M25. Kelli Nikole raised $20M for Sixty8 Capital. Paige Doherty did her $1.6M first close at Behind Genius Ventures. Clarence Bethea raised $18.2M for Upsie. Derek Ali raised $1M for EngineEars (port co). Babba Rivera raised $1M for Ceremonia (port co). Kerry Schrader and Ashlee Ammons raised $1M for Mixtroz. Chris Lyons made General Partner at a16z. Jomayra Herrera became Partner at Reach Capital. Jillian Williams joined Cowboy Ventures as a Principal. Eric Bahn, Elizabeth Yin, Shiyan Koh, and Brian Nichols launched Hustle Fund’s Angel Squad. Sydney Sykes launched the BLCKVC x Lightspeed Scout Program.

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Wall Street Journal | LPs: here’s why to invest in emerging fund managers

Magdalena Kala | Emerging fund managers: get inside the heads of LPs

Startup-Investor Matching Tool | VCs: receive thesis-aligned customized deal flow

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PI South LA | Get mentored at Forward’s VC-founder office hours on 5/18-20

Asking for a founder | Find your co-founders in these communities

Asking for a founder | Here’s where you can find the best marketing resources

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Startup Showdown | Tech founders: apply by 5/16 (today) to compete for $120K

Lightship Capital | Founders: apply to Twitch Pitch for $5K and Amazon credits

1863 Ventures | Black founders: apply to get a 3Rs $5K grant

Equity Crowdfunding | Raise up to $5 million

Non-dilutive capital | Create a profile to find non-dilutive capital

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