💥 We’re officially launching The GP-LP Matching Tool! 💥

Special edition of my practical bi-weekly newsletter of curated actionable resources for underestimated founders, funders, and friends.

A year ago, Josh and I launched the Startup-Investor Matching Tool with the goal to help address the startup-investor social capital gap, get underestimated and underrepresented founders connected with investors, and watch them get funded. Happy to report that we’ve seen success (1.1K+ intros made, 27 checks written with ~$4M total value in investments), and so now (right this moment), we’re launching the GP-LP Matching Tool to get underestimated and underrepresented fund managers intros to LPs!

Special shout-out to our supporters: Beezer (Sapphire), Sara (Recast), Erin (Pivotal), Heran (Ilumen), Ed (First Close Partners / Lowenstein Sandler), Samir (Allocate), Sahil (Gumroad), Jessica (Hannah Grey & Women in VC), Soraya (TMV & Transact Global), Sophia (The Bridge Conference), Olga (Improve), Shayna (Supply Change), Leslie (Female Founders Alliance), Léoni (Kinetik), Cat (TVC), Kals (i2i), Ariana (Conscience), Kinga (Experior & European Women in VC), Eric (Hustle Fund), Mac (Rarebreed), David (Versatile), Rick (Equal), Maren (January), Melissa (The Community Fund), Claire (Magma), Pam (All Raise), Eva (Fika), Kelly (Finclusive), Gesche (Dreamers & Doers), Gayatri (Advaita & She-VC) and many more.

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We’re excited to see this community-driven tool take flight because the GP-LP Matching Tool has huge potential to be a game-changer in our global venture capital ecosystem!

✨ Lolita Taub
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👀To learn more, read the GP-LP Matching Tool Medium post and our TechCrunch feature written by an awesome journalist, Natasha Mascarenhas.

💰 The GP-LP Matching Tool    

The GP-LP Matching Tool is a tool created by Josh and Lolita Taub that introduces underestimated and underrepresented emerging fund managers to LPs.

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