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Hi all! Welcome to all new subscribers of our newsletter. We are now +1,000 members! Grateful for all of you. And because many of you are curious and asked for it, I’ll share bi-weekly helpful life and work updates/resources for founders, funders, family, and friends.

On that note, about a month ago, I asked Twitter if a first-time founders course (FTFC) was needed and I got +300 people saying yes. So, I’m giving the course a go with Josh! We have full-time day jobs so this side-hustle will take a bit to 100% materialize. That said, we’re devoting our weekends to FTFC and working on module one. We expect to launch a beta with 10 volunteers soon.

Stay safe, coronavirus prepared, and share your ideas on how to keep making this newsletter better!

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ICYMI: check out my interview with Gravity Speakers on creating paths to success and my feature in FinTech Female Fridays on - you guessed it - fintech.



Congrats! ⭐️Geri made Partner at Laconia. 🏎Mercedes, Cheryl, Megan, Aia, and Jill made HBCUvc’s 31U31: The Future of Venture Capital. 🚀Gagan raised $50M at a $2B valuation for Udemy.



Whether you’re raising or not. It’s awesome to know that there is a rising number of women investing!


There’s a lot of talk about whether the people launching businesses are the right ones to do it. This helps put things in perspective.


Whether you have a full-time job, a side-hustle, or any kind of business, it’s important to focus on the metrics that matter.


Yeah. I make friends on twitter and show my appreciation by sharing their projects, articles, and quotes. Twitter a powerful tool for relationship building with awesome people.

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💜 My kind of people. "Parity is upon us, ladies. I’m with you, cheering for you (without the jumps) and happy to take your call in the dark (since 5 a.m. is the best time to reach me)." @cwyskiel

Christy Wyskiel @cwyskiel

https://t.co/1N4c4NuHQv I wrote something else this week. Hope my sisters in entrepreneurship take some light and joy from it. 🌠🌟💫


This is a good book for those who are looking to identify and create their differentiation moat.


These posts are for those of you who want to raise capital, engage in the startup-ecosystem, or just explore the world of startups-VC.

Lolita Taub @lolitataub
💰Latinx founders in Portland: 6 Latino founders will be chosen to pitch and 3 will win cash at the Pitch Latino event on April 2, 2020. Learn more and apply here:

Latino Founders @Latino_Founders

Pitch Latino is back for a third year!!! If you are Latinx Founder working on your startup, follow the link to apply 👉🏽 https://t.co/CUmbnGawmX https://t.co/MTHJlDD5aU


If you have a startup or have ever been curious about starting one, I think you’ll like this post.

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