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COVID resulted in a recession but also added $13.5 Trillion in wealth; 70% of the gains went to the top 20% of earners and a third went to the top 1%. We need to work on financial equality. The Great Wealth Transfer has kicked off and it’s estimated that older generations will transfer $70 Trillion between 2018 to 2042. Expect increased financial risk-taking from heirs and more investors for founders, emerging managers, and beyond.

On a personal note, working on ourselves is hard. Just last week, my Recast Enablement Program Executive Coach challenged me to care only for Choco (my pup) and myself for 7 days. It made me cry, feel sad, and anxious. But, on the bright side, I feel stronger because I now know I need to:

If you feel uncomfortable with any or all of the topics listed above, you’re not alone. Josh and my mom felt discomfort too. In fact, it got Josh to think about his White Fragility and his role in a world where White Supremacy reigns. My mom came to terms with the fact that she pushed me, as a child, to assimilate to American culture (and put aside my Mexican and Indigenous culture) so I would be accepted and have a shot at the American dream. Breathe. There’s much to unpack there but the one clear takeaway is that talking about culture made us feel vulnerable and closer to each other.

We all have our differences but they don’t have to pull us apart. They can bring us together and help us, as a community, be the change we want to see in the world.

  • Community culture fam: If you’re in the US, I feel for you and want to remind you that it’s not weird that you prioritize being generous and helpful to others (no, it doesn’t mean you have a savior complex). Examples of countries with a collective culture include Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Venezuela, Guatemala, Indonesia, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, and India.

  • Individualism culture fam: I ask you to consider that those of us whose original culture is not of individualism struggle with conflicting values and appreciate your mindfulness of multiculturalismExamples of countries with an individualistic culture include the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, and South Africa.

PS Choco got extra treats, walks, cuddles, and a new squeaky duck toy. Also, Gen Z is using TikTok for resumes.

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