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Richard Branson’s Virgin Galatic has a green light on space tourism (tickets are $250K) and 100K+ people want Jeff Bezos to be left in space. Britney Spears has asked the courts to end her conservatorship and I think the court should #FreeBritney. Hawaii is ending its COVID test requirement for vaccinated travelers on July 8th. Are we going back to “normal?” In states where COVID restrictions have been lifted the longest, like Florida and Texas, diners more than doubled last month compared to two years earlier. And, the US recovery is fueling a hike in prices in all things across the board: ride-hailing (↗️ 40%), flights (↗️ +24%), and appliances (↗️ 26%). Good thing my mom figured out that a chair can hold our dishwasher shut. lol.

This week, I was frustrated by an LP, who due to his privilege and bias, questioned my commitment to The Community Fund because I have a day job. I’m grateful for my partner, Jesse Middleton, the TCF founders and investors, and our LPs for believing in me. I’m also lucky to have a Transact Global fund manager sisterhood that points out double standards when they see them. I mean, no one questions Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey for having multiple day jobs. So, let’s stop punishing hard-working hustlers who are not chained to old tropes, are awesome at time management, and are leveraging creative ways to scale and produce real results. Nothing will stop us from going after what we want.

I’ll leave you with a saying my dad taught me: they tried to bury us, but they didn't know we were seeds.

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Chris Lyons launched the Cultural Leadership Fund II. Ryan Hoover raised ~$10M for Weekend Fund III. Erikan Obotetukudo launched Audacity Capital. Joey Womack at Goodie Nation launched a $5M Black Founders Fund. Cameron Johnson raised $12M for Nickson. Carlos Hernandez raised $3.1M for Crediverso. Amanda Goetz raised $2M for House of Wise. Janice Omadeke raised $1.4M for The Mentor Method. Julia Niiro, Carolyn Rodz, Elise Smith, Kristen Sonday, Geeta Verma, Nathalie Walton, Lauren Washington, Mariam Nusrat, Julia Collins, Dawn Dickson, Gesche Haas, Travis Holoway for making the Forbes Next 1000 List.

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