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Josh scheduled our first COVID vaccine shots for the end of the month and I started dreaming of a Hawaii vacation. That was until I saw car rental prices at $700+ a day. I looked into this and here’s the TL;DR: car rental cos sold their cars to survive and now there’s a huge supply issue. Will be looking up car rental availability before booking flights on my next vacation. In other news: TCF celebrated its 1/2 bday, Coinbase made Garry Tan $2B thanks to a cold outreach (for it!), Miki Reynolds has got me thinking more about catalyzing a new wave of LPs (GP-LP Matching Tool?), Latina Jessica Alba is filing an IPO for Honest, Melanie Perkins just became a billionaire, and I can’t stop listening to Megan Thee Stallion’s Savage. Honestly, it’s helping balance out my COVID anxiety and sad feelings from hearing about Adam Toledo, DMX, and Daunte Wright. RIP.

Happy Ramadan to those who celebrate!

✨ Lolita Taub
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PS My mom’s surgery went well. Thanks for your thoughtful messages.

ICYMI: I'm speaking at Collision on Wed, 4/21! I had a great convo on the Your First Million pod w/Arlan Hamilton & Chacho Valadez, received the 500 Startup's Founder Advocate Award & made it into the "You Don't Need This Book" book. The Startup-Investor Matching Tool's intros have led to 24 checks ($3.8M+!).


Rebecca Lynn for raising $350M for Canvas Ventures. Nikhil Basu Trivedi and Mike Smith for raising $175M for Footwork. Monique and Melvin Rodriguez for raising $100M for Mielle Organics. Travis Montaque for raising $36M for Holler. Sarah Kunst for raising $20M for Cleo Capital. Ariela Safira for raising $10M for Real. Kathryn Finney for raising $5M for Genius Guild. Sophie Novati for raising $4M for Formation. Kim and Tim Lewis for raising over $2M for CurlMix. Sarah Cannon, Aaron Holiday, Lauren Kolodny, Jenny Lefcourt, Elliott Robinson, Reshma Sohoni, Julie Yoo, and everyone else who made the Forbes Midas Brink List.

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