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Is “how big is your rocket?” the new billionaire mid-life crisis go-to, Bezos, Branson, and Musk? Of course not. 😉 They, as CNN captured, just really “hope their otherworldly pursuits inspire a new generation of curious space explorers and entrepreneurs.” While some people’s minds are in space, on Earth: 41% of workers are thinking of or are quitting and startups are picking them up on Twitter; Miami’s startup funding activity is growing (up 142% in Q2); NYC’s subway x Google now helps you avoid people (and COVID); and 83% of US COVID cases come from the Delta variant. So, get vaccinated. Wear a mask and don’t be unruly on your flights. Otherwise, you might have to deal with 🥷 ninja attendants.

Taking a step back. Can you think of deep-held beliefs you picked up while growing up that served you well for some time but are now holding you back? Thanks to my last introspective challenge from my Recast Enablement Program executive coach, I learned that I have some things to reprogram in my mind. And, after discussing the topic with a girlfriend and having her tell me it was helpful talking about it, I want to share more with you.

It was the Summer of 1991 in South Central Los Angeles. Mass had ended. My family and 6-year old me walked out of church and saw nuns handing out plastic bags filled with bolillos, Mexican baguettes. I ran up and asked for one. My dad made me return it and when I got home he spanked me hard and told me: we would never be “people asking for or taking handouts,” that we would always “earn our pay and buy our own bread” as long as “we have arms and legs to work.” He continued, “We give and do not take from others.” There were other instances where he beat it into me that I needed to work for what I wanted and not ask for anything. That made me the community-oriented, giving, and self-reliant worker I am today. It’s served me and led me to success but it’s now holding me back.

“Our parents did our best to raise us and yet we need to break through the shackles of our upbringing to unlock our next levels,” a friend told me this week. He’s right. For those who need to hear it, especially the ever giving community-builders and communal minded folks out there, remember this:

  • Valuing ourselves and asking for our worth is not asking for a handout.

  • If you are not being valued or paid your worth, demand it or walk-away.

  • If people offer to help, you’re not taking advantage of them.

  • Accept help. It’s healthy to take (and not just give).

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