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Sal, my little brother who is in the Army, is surprise visiting to spend time with my mom (recovering from surgery) and driving with Mon, my little sister, to Utah for her Physician Assistant School program. So, I took the opportunity to bond and get their Gen Y and Z perspective on the world and their lives on Racket. Both are for the creator / YOLO economy and see the eco-benefit of the recent ketchup price hike (packets are $2.50). Mon believes we should all work IRL; Sal doesn’t. We also talked about the apps we’re testing (e.g., ListenNotes, Pallet, Notability). They're into cooking jalapeño poppers (here’s their recipe) and celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month. We’re all getting tattoos (no, our Mexican mom does not approve) and I’m celebrating four founders for making self-care easier. Thank you…

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