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I can’t believe this week was George Floyd’s death anniversary. And while racism continues to abound, I am optimistic. Initiatives such as The Diversity Rider program are getting underrepresented investors on cap tables (e.g., Finix, Bevy, SUMA 🚀); founders are carving out allocations in their rounds for us; and Black and Latinx venture capital fund managers are raising vehicles larger than $100 million (e.g., Ulu Ventures, Mac Ventures, Harlem Capital, Base10 💰). It feels like we’re making progress - on the COVID front too. 50% of all US adults are fully vaccinated. Josh and I are now part of that stat and we are excited to live in a post-COVID world. I predict this world will be filled with IRL community-building events, self-care (home spa days are trending 🛁), and e-commerce unicorns (online shopping is on the rise 📈!). Speaking of, have you heard of Poparazzi, an app that lets you be your friends’ paparazzi? It was all over Twitter last week but I didn’t download it because I was catching up on what creators are doing to earn money, the social media tipping wars, and celebrating underestimated founders and fund managers raising capital!

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ICYMI: I'm pitching The Community Fund at Jason Calacanis's Meet our Fund on 6/8. I was featured in Elpha, Lightspeed, and accepted into the Recast Emerging Manager program. The Startup-Investor Matching Tool's intros have led to 27 checks (~$4M!).


Anjali Sud took Vimeo public. Heather Hasson & Trina Spear took Figs public. Miriam Rivera raised $138M for Ulu Ventures fund III. Jewel Burks, Justin Dawkins, and Barry Givens raised $50M for Collab Capital. Carolyn Rodz & Elizabeth Gore raised $20M for Hello Alice founder grants. Krish Ramineni and Sam Udotong raised $14M for Fireflies.ai. Naj Austin raised $3.75M for Somewhere Good. Rei Wang & Anita Hossain raised $2.4M for The Grand (portfolio company). Paige Doherty raised $1.6M for Behind Genius Ventures. Samara Hernandez, Sarah Kunst, Marcos Gonzalez, Jewel Burks, Nisha Dua, Sean Mendy, Arian Simone, Jessica Peltz, Ivan Alo, LaDante McMillon, Mac Conwell, and Kelli Nikole raised from Carta Venture Funds. Andrea Hippeau, Caitlin Strandberg, Isabelle Phelps, and Stephanie Manning for becoming Partners at Lerer Hippeau.

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Social Media Manager > Detroit, MI | Healthy Roots, a toy company that empowers young girls to love their curls. Apply.

Research Intern > Remote | Ayana Therapy, a telehealth platform which provides online therapy for marginalized communities. Apply.

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