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It’s sad to see that women are raising less (-22% YoY) and Asian hate crimes continue. On the bright side, allies are banding together to #stopasianhate and alternative fundraising options are popping up that allow underestimated founders to fundraise more easily. Also, Toyin Ajayi, Henri Pierre-Jacques, and Marlon Nichols raised $100M+ for City Block Health, Harlem Capital, & Mac Venture Capital!

Finance, blockchain, and community are top of mind. Cendana is making investing in nano funds look cool. Visa, PayPal & Morgan Stanley are adopting crypto. NFTs are fun but so are coins (there's a Lolita coin)! And did you hear that community-driven co Discord could be acquired for $10B?

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PS I’ll be a bit MIA because I’m taking care of my mom post-surgery.

ICYMI: I received the DivInc Investor of the Year Award & made Harlem Capital's Black & Latinx VCs to Know list. The Startup-Investor Matching Tool intros has resulted in 23 checks ($3.8M+!). 


Kelauni Jasmyn for raising $50M for Black Tech Nation. Nisha Dua and Susan Lyne for raising $50M for BBG Ventures. Erik Torenberg for raising $20M for On Deck (portfolio company). Arlan Hamilton for raising $5M for Backstage Capital. Kameale Christinia and Evette Ellis for raising $2.75M for Charger Help. Jon Gosier for raising $2M for Film Hedge. Aileen Lee, Chip Hazard, Gale Wilkinson, Kirsten Green, Sheel Mohnot and Jesse Draper for making Business Insider’s Seed 100: The best early-stage investors list.

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