🥳 Announcing the soft-launch of Jesse's and my fund, The Community Fund!

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🎉 I’m excited to share the news of Jesse’s and my soft-launch of The Community Fund! TL;DR Jesse and I met on Twitter thanks to this tweet. Both of us align on the power of community and generating outsized returns by investing in underestimated founders. Soon after, Jesse asked me to be his co-founder to The Community Fund and I said, “sign me up!”

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🥳 Some good news in 2020! My friends @lolitataub & @srcasm are launching The Community Fund. Learn more and apply to become a founding member of their investment team. thecommunity.vc

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💰 The Community Fund is a $5 million early-stage fund that invests in community-driven companies through an investment partner team. We believe that companies with community at the center of all that they do will become unicorns and produce outsized returns.

💼 We are looking for nine incredible investment partners to join The Community Fund to invest in the most brilliant and driven founders from their communities. Apply or send it to a friend that would be a great fit. 

📚 If you want to learn more about our journeys, you can read our vulnerable Medium posts here and here

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